During my time as a volunteer in the Dominican Republic, I started work on this website, which presents the institute I was working for. The principal asked me to build something that can represent what the institution stands for: protecting our environment and educating young individuals.

I was pretty much independent regarding design, technologies and content management, so I decided to approach this project using Jekyll and Forestry CMS. This was my first project using the JAMStack, so naturally, I underwent a phase of trial and error. After some time spent on learning and troubleshooting, I came up with a pretty solid architecture and was able to launch the site in spring 2018.

The project is built with modern web technologies such as Flexbox and ECMAScript 2015, hosted on the Netlify CDN. Another great learning experience I had was my first use of the Atomic CSS approach with the Tailwind CSS Framework. It was challenging at the beginning, but after a while, it felt quite good and let to satisfying results.

Unfortunately, there was no time for me to finish the project as I wanted to, so it still uses a custom Netlify subdomain and lacks some content.