Leo-Clubs is a worldwide organization of young volunteers who want to help other people. With its roots coming from the U.S., this organization has spread across the entire planet and archived incredible things for disabled people, children in need and many more.

Since 2011 I’m a member of a local Leo-Club, helping together with others. When I entered the club, its existing website was in extremely bad shape with almost no design and undocumented PHP code. Together with another member, I decided to redo the entire site in 2013 using WordPress.

In 2018, it was time again for a new design and to lift the website into the latest web standards. This time, I decided to refrain from using any backend language and instead went with the JAMStack and Jekyll.

The website is written in clean HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript without any dependencies. It is hosted on the Netlify CDN and uses an SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt. The content is managed using Forestry.io as a CMS. Of course, the page can be viewed on any device and on any resolution, using lazy-loading and code minification to improve page speed and therefore the user experience.