Lions-Club Schliengen

Lions is a worldwide organization of people with the goal to donate and work for charity.

Lions Clubs is a worldwide organization of volunteers that are committed to doing good. Donations, campaigns, and direct interactions with disabled people, minorities, and more are just a few examples of what Lions stand for. After building a website for another Lions Club, they approached me in the hopes that I could build something similar for them.

This was one of my first side projects ever. I had hardly learned the basics of web development and wanted to gain new experiences. I worked on the site besides my main job and used it as a chance to improve my skills and myself.

The design was slightly inspired by Lions' global CI and is focused on a clean and straightforward presentation. The content speaks for itself, and the club uses this site to publish their activities and reach the local community.

The backend is powered by a powerful CMS called Contao; After deploying to site to production, I also trained some of their members on managing content using Contao. The frontend is entirely self-written and designed from scratch.