Zähringer Hütte

Located in the Black Forest in Southern Germany, this small hut promises an unforgettable vacation within one of Germany's best landscapes.

In 2014, a colleague asked me if I could make him a website for his private renting property in the Black Forest. I accepted and developed a single-page website using WordPress. That website was relatively simple, only having some text, an image gallery, and a contact form with a calendar embedded to show vacancies.

Four years later, in 2018, I rebuilt the entire website from scratch. It still uses WordPress, as the client is now used to it and appreciates the easy workflow. The new site design fits much better into the hut's rustic and wooden theme, presenting itself in dark colors and with a goldish accent.

It still is a single-page website but now offers more sections and content, such as the furnishing, a location map, and a vacancy calendar. Visitors can now see a vacancy calendar and can directly enter their information to book the hut. It calculates the costs automatically based on the period and informs the hut's owner once sent.

Technically, the entire website has seen a significant update. It is now served through HTTPS and with the latest version of WordPress. For security reasons, almost no plugins were used. The theme itself is hand-crafted and does what the client asked for. It uses Flexbox and modular JavaScript to ensure a smooth user interaction and works on all screen sizes and devices.