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An easy-to-use BPMN process modeling platform in the cloud, which helps businesses transform their processes for the digital era.


About the Client

In November 2018, I joined a company called Camunda. Their primary specialty is everything related to business processes. One of their main products is a BPMN Engine and a JavaScript modeling library called bpmn-js (both open-source).

Since joining, I have been part of a team of 6 people responsible for building Cawemo (short for Camunda Web Modeler). Imagine it like a combination of GitHub and Visio: a place in the cloud to create, manage, and design business processes. Through plugins and connections with other Camunda products, these processes can then be integrated with the automated workflow engine.

Technical Details

Cawemo is a medium-sized React.js application that relies on MobX to manage its state. In addition, the application integrates many plugins and libraries, such as bpmn-js.

As part of the Frontend team, my role was to implement new features, refactor the codebase, write tests, fix bugs, document changes, deploy new SaaS releases, and much more. As a result, Cawemo has undergone massive refactorings, many of them being headed by myself. The team's goal is to improve the codebase continuously while adding new features.