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Daily AI

Daily AI is a total solution for mortgage professionals, helping them close more deals, scale operations, and increase ROI.

Daily AI

About the Client

Daily AI is a customer relationship management (CRM) software designed to help mortgage professionals manage marketing campaigns, sales automation, and compliance regulation. Key features include automated partner tracking, file storage, branch, and team management, security review, voice calling, bulk email, and ringless voicemail.

In July 2022, I joined their engineering team as a Freelancer. Their goal was to create an MVP for a new CRM application, built from scratch, to replace the existing solution at some point in the future. Their current product was made in AngularJS and no longer satisfied their needs.

Technical Details

The MVP was created using Next.js and React in combination was TypeScript, Tailwind CSS, Prisma, and Radix UI. I joined their team in the early stages and helped create some of the most critical parts of the app, such as contact management, app layout, and developing the UI library in Storybook.

Additionally, I wrote some Unit and E2E tests in Jest and Cypress to cover some of the more essential workflows. Due to the nature of the project, fast progress and keeping the deadline were crucial, and thanks to good communication and teamwork, we almost always made the deadline and wowed customers.