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ElasticSwap is a DeFi exchange and automated marked maker (AMM) for rebasing tokens.


About the Client

ElasticSwap is a product by Cryptobuilders OÜ, a startup that focuses on decentralized financial applications. They launched a new solution to swap and rebase tokens, similar to UniSwap or MetaMask. Additionally, they established an exchange and launched their cryptocurrency, called TIC.

Technical Details

I joined their team in 2022 as a Front End Team Lead. They already had an SDK created but needed refinements on their website and application, which I made in collaboration with their designer and other engineers.

Due to their team being extremely new, processes needed to be defined. As the Team Lead for this project, I Introduced an agile project management strategy for the entire team, including GitHub user stories, Kanban boards, and review and deployment processes. Documenting these processes and guiding the team through them was part of my role, as well as building new features, cleaning up the app's code, and making significant refactorings to increase semantics, accessibility, and performance.

The app was built in Svelte and Tailwind CSS.