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GitHub user search app

An app that lets you display various information about GitHub users, integrated with the GitHub API.

GitHub user search app

This is a solution to the GitHub user search app challenge on Frontend Mentor. Frontend Mentor challenges help you improve your coding skills by building realistic projects.

To practice dynamically updating the DOM with plain JavaScript, I chose not to use any frameworks for this challenge. Using the Fetch API, the app gets its information by calling the GitHub API after a search term has been entered.

The input displays an error message if left blank. A dark mode toggle is part of the feature list and lets you switch between a light and dark theme. By default, the user's preference is considered, which can either come from the OS or browser. The selected color scheme is remembered in local storage for when the user returns to the app.

Styling is achieved with Tailwind CSS instead of just CSS, as I wanted to practice making pixel-perfect screens with this library.

The challenge comes courtesy of Frontend Mentor, which I regularly use to sharpen my skills and play around with new technologies.