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Simple and intuitive shopping app, brought to mobile devices as a PWA.


Like most of my projects, this one started as a small assistant for my weekly shopping routine. Instead of writing down my groceries on a piece of paper or note-taking app like Google Notes, I decided to build a dedicated app that would only be responsible for one thing: managing groceries.

It started as a simple Web Component-based project, powered by lit-html and pika. Over time, I added new features, such as smart autocompletion, import from the clipboard, or accumulative units.

At some point, I decided to refactor the app with React and TypeScript and add more features. The styling is done with Tailwind CSS, making it a proper mobile application.

Lately, I added more PWA features so that the app can be installed on the Home screen and cached by a Service Worker, allowing for offline access. Various lists can be managed, and the app offers multiple languages to choose from. It is hosted on Netlify and has a 100% test coverage thanks to React Testing Library.