Vitra VCS

The Vitra Configuration System is a collection of software to plan 3D spaces using furniture from Vitra.

This was my first ever project using Node.js. I had almost no prior experience with this framework and had to learn a lot about its architecture, best practices, etc.

The frontend is responsive (with a design based on the company’s CI) and offers various resources to visitors, such as tutorials, downloads, and a contact form. On the backend, I used Express. The website is available in two languages through i18n and highly performant in terms of response time. The view templates are assembled with the Nunjucks templating engine and distinguish between internal and external IP addresses, displaying appropriate content depending if the visitor is a client or company employee.

Instead of using a database, I decided the store the texts in separate JSON files, which are loaded dynamically in the templating engine based on what language is selected.

The website features many video tutorials I produced and other content that helps people understand and learn the presented software product, called VCS. In case of problems, visitors can send a ticket directly to the companies’ ticket system using the embedded form.