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Vitra VCS

The Vitra Configuration System is a collection of software to plan 3D spaces using furniture from Vitra.

Vitra VCS

About the Client

Vitra is a Swiss family-owned furniture company known for its luxurious and well-designed products. They have stores in dozens of countries worldwide and are famous for collaborating with many artists and designers. During my full-time position at Vitra, I built this website for VCS, a bundle of software products also known as Vitra Configuration System.

Technical Details

This was my first ever project using Node.js. Therefore, I had almost no prior experience with this framework and needed to learn about its architecture, best practices, etc.
The responsive front end is based on the company's corporate design and offers various resources to visitors, such as tutorials, downloads, and a contact form.

On the back end, I used Express. The website is available in two languages through i18n and has a highly performant response time. The view templates are assembled with the Nunjucks templating engine and distinguish between internal and external IP addresses, serving different content for these two.

Instead of using a database, I decided to store the texts in separate JSON files, loaded dynamically in the templating engine based on what language is selected.
In the tutorials section, self-produced video tutorials and other content that helps people understand and learn the presented software product, VCS, are available. If they experience any issues with VCS, visitors can create and send a helpdesk ticket directly to the companies' ticketing system using the embedded form.