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Zähringer Hütte

Located in the Black Forest in Southern Germany, this small hut promises an unforgettable vacation within one of Germany's best landscapes.

Zähringer Hütte

About the Client

In 2014, a friend asked me if I could make him a website for his rental cabin in the Black Forest. I accepted and developed a single-page website using WordPress.
The design was relatively simple, only containing some general information, an image gallery, and a contact form with a calendar embedded to show vacancies.

Technical Details

Four years later, in 2018, I rebuilt the entire website from scratch. It's still powered by WordPress since the client is used to its UI and appreciates the easy workflow. The new design fits much better into the cabin's rustic wooden style, presenting itself in dark colors and a goldish accent.

It still is a single-page website but now offers more sections and content, such as details about furniture, a location map, and a vacancy calendar. The calendar shows vacancies and allows visitors to send booking requests, which the client then approves. It calculates the costs automatically based on the period of stay.

Technically, the entire website has seen a significant update. It is now served through HTTPS and with the latest version of WordPress. For security reasons, I used almost no plugins.
The theme itself is hand-crafted and doesn't rely on third-party modules or dependencies.